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The “Build The Ultimate Booty” Masterclass Taster

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“Hollywood Trainer Reveals ‘Secret’ Technique That’ll Help You Get That Bubble Butt You’ve Always Wanted!” 

  • “Lalo is an amazing trainer…making sure I never get too comfortable with any exercise – Shannon Elizabeth - American Pie

  • “He is enthusiastic and encouraging. With Lalo, your goals are within in your reach! - Joseph Morgan - Vampire Diaries 

  • “Lalo has taken my workouts to a different level!” - Emily VanCamp - Revenge TV Show 

  • Celebrities, Pro Athletes, Musicians, Fashion Models, And Political Figures Have Used This Technique At Home To Get That Booty Poppin’...And Now It’s Your Turn! 

    Dear Friend, 

    If you’re tired of sweating at the gym and not getting that firm butt you’ve always wanted, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for. 

    My name is Lalo Fuentes and I’ve worked in Hollywood as a personal trainer for the past 13 years. 

    Actors hire me to help them get in shape for their roles. And I’ve partnered up with Bombut to create he ultimate “booty-lifting” exercise routine that’ll help you get the guys turning their heads…


    The “Build The 

    Ultimate Booty” Masterclass

    It contains 17 exercises you can do in the comfort of your home to firm up that booty. 

    It’s all centered around my world-famous “Freeze” technique I’ve used to get celebrities into screen-ready shape. And it’s something no other trainer teaches their students!  

    The best part is each exercise takes only 2-3 minutes to discover, but you can do them anywhere to get the butt you want. 

    It could be in between work breaks. Watching television. Playing with your kids. Basically anytime you have a free 10-15 minutes and want to get the ultimate booty workout.  

    You can access these videos for the ultra-low investment of $9.99/month, which is waaaaay cheaper than hiring me as a personal trainer for $300/hour. 

    Instead, you can turn me on your computer, television, or iPad and get a booty-burnin’ workout that’ll help you get the butt you’ve always wanted!

    So click the button below and get instant access to the Masterclass. I look forward to hearing your success story!


    Lalo Fuentes 

    Bombut Celebrity Trainer 

    Button Copy: [Yes, I Want The Guys Checkin’ Out My Booty!]

    Give Me INSTANT Access To The Masterclass!

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